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A garage door is an essential piece of equipment in both commercial and residential areas. Whether it is keeping away intruders or improving the curb of appeal of your place, a garage door will fulfill all these. Whatever the kind of garage door you choose to install, Garage Door Pro Long has your back. Offering top-notch garage door repair Long Island is our specialty. Below are some of the garage door repair and installation services; 

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Garage Door Opener Repair Long Island

If efficiency and convenience are what we are seeking to achieve with your garage door, installing a garage door opener is not an option. With automatic garage door openers, all you need is to push a button on your garage door opener remote, and the door opens and closes. This is a luxury that you cannot resist. At garage Door Pro Long, we are always at par with the advancements happening in the opener world. Therefore, all the openers we suggest are modern and making use of advanced technology. Besides, we install a reliable and smooth quietly operating openers. Call us for top-quality garage door opener repair.

Garage Door Repair Long Island

If you are looking for garage door installation in Long Island, we are the people to call. Our installation service begins with helping you choose the right garage door for your home or commercial area. Depending on your need, we will suggest different types of garage doors to install. Also, depending on the space and the nature of your compound, we can recommend different styles to use. Whether it is swing, sliding, or double garage doors, we have the skills to install them. We work hand in hand with reputable garage door manufacturers, and therefore the garage doors we recommend are of undeniable quality.

Whether it is the installation of a garage door, repair or replacing or even maintenance services, Garage Door Pro Long Island is all you need. For many years now, we have been offering both commercial and residential garage door services to uncountable clients. Our clients have different problems that need to be solved, something that has acted as a learning opportunity. We are proud to say that we are the leading garage door company when it comes to, expertise, skills, reputation, quality of services we offer and our dedication to giving the best to our customers.

Overhead Garage Door Repair Long Island

There are different types of overhead garage doors. Among them are the sectional, aluminum doors, security and rolling doors. All these are high-security doors you can install for your residential or commercial area. All you need is a hand of an expert like ourselves for a fully functioning door.  We have the experience and skills. All you need is to call us.

Garage Door Spring Installation Long Island

There are two types of garage door springs. The torsion which is common and the extension springs. These two play a very significant role in the movement of the garage door. They have tightly wound coiled metals that handle all the pressure the door releases as it moves up and down. Therefore, a garage door is incomplete without them. At Garage Door Pro Long Island, we are whizzes in garage door spring installation. The safety of our clients always come first as we offer our services. This is why we install safety cables as we install the torsion springs. This is due to the danger they expose to the garage door users when they break. Due to all this pressure, the springs break and wear out. Thus, for garage door repair Long Island, we are the people to rely on.

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