Garage doors have become a priority in many homes. The fact that people have vehicles makes the rate of garage establishments grow exponentially. Most of the time, however, vehicle owners are not aware that garages need a certain quality standard for durability. The security of a garage largely inclines on the garage door installed. If the garage door is vulnerable, your property’s security is at risk. All this depends on the quality of the garage door installed. Garage Door Pro Long Island comes in handy. We provide all garage door related services to ensure your security welfare is always in check. We supply products that guarantee a long time used in terms of years.

Garage Door Installation in Glen Head, Oyster Bay

Did you know that the life of a garage door hinges on its installation? Many garage owners skip this bit but with time, the consequences become evident. It’s even worse when the cost of maintenance exceeds the cost of buying and installing the door. This means your money could go down the drain depending on your choice. For this reason, we supply garage doors in all sizes and designs. We bring you garage doors of different colors, styles, types, and materials. We recommend colors that blend in the area of installation. Garage doors come in different materials. Luckily, we provide garage doors made of wood, aluminum, iron, and steel. In addition, we are the people to trust when you need on installed in your compound.

Garage Door Opener Remote Repair in Glen Head, Oyster Bay

The use of automatic garage doorsleads to rampant use of remotes to operate the doors. Remotes reduce the effort used to open and close a garage door, unlike manual garage doors. When your garage door remote doesn’t open the door on clicking a button, you need service. Remotes are faulty, or the batteries aren’t fresh. Always ensure the batteries are in good condition before requesting expert indulgence. We repair remotes and issue new ones when need be.


We have gone a step further to improve our compensation modes. We not only accept cash but also credit card payments. Within the time we have been in this business, we realized clients prefer to pay differently. To accommodate those who don’t move around with cash, we introduced credit card payments. It also helps to pay without having to visit our offices. Credit card payments also help our clients to pay the exact amount of money as per the invoice. You can also be part of this new revolution.

Garage Door Opener Installation and Repair in Glen Head, Oyster Bay

Garage door openers are among the most vital components in a garage door. These are the parts that help to open and close a garage door on the click of a remote button or wall switch. Openers come in handy with motors that help them to function properly. Garage door openers meant to give you a long time service. With time nonetheless, the openers fail. This can keep you out of the garage door or lock you in.For this reason, we repair and maintain garage door openers. If the motors fail, the opener will also fail consequently. At Garage Door Pro Long, we offer garage door repair services in Glen Head, Oyster Bay to ensure good working condition of your door.

Lift Master Installation and Repair in Glen Head, Oyster Bay

Lift masters are among the products we supply for garage doors. These accessories help to access the garage remotely. It would be time wasting and inconvenience to travel from a workplace to home to open a garage for someone. While all this looks complex, we install lift master to help you monitor, open and close your garage door from wherever you may be. We also provide repair and maintenance services to restore the lift master’s normal working condition. We leave everything we repair as good as new. We are just a call away in case you need the Liftmaster system installed or when in need of other garage door services in Glen Head, Oyster Bay.

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